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Forecast LTV
Forecast LTV in 3 easy steps
Find out your users' lifetime value
in a few minutes.
1Upload data file (.CSV)
2Filter the data
3Download forecast

Get LTV forecast with all the metrics you need to efficiently plan your business and user acquisition.

Solve problems
LTV forecast will help solve 3 essential tasks.
Scale the product
The LTV forecast predicts the dynamics of payments for months and years to come. It will allow you to choose an effective payback period for user acquisition.
Create a business plan
Filter the LTV forecast by different types of users. The LTV Engine will help you create a business plan based on a long-term forecast.
Define KPIs for effective user acquisition
Choose the right payback period and get the necessary KPIs for effective user acquisition.
LTV Engine will help you to answer these questions
  • Can you scale the business by extending the payback period of user acquisition?
  • When will your user acquisition investment pay off?
  • Which KPIs should you set for the user acquisition team?
  • Will you be able to avoid a cash gap if you spend more on user acquisition?
  • Which product is worth investing in?
  • Find out if the analyst has made a mistake in LTV forecast.
From professionals to professionals
Nikita Okan
Any business comes to a formula where the LTV of the user should be greater than the cost of user accuisition. Therefore, you need to assess your LTV constantly. The LTV Engine allows you to do this simply, quickly and with high accuracy.
LTV Engine is in alpha. If you notice any bugs or have difficulties using the tool, please reach us via email:
Forecast LTV
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